Friday, October 15, 2021

Morgan County Real Property

If you have any questions concerning your Real Property, please contact our office. It is important that we correct any factual or valuation errors. Property owners are always welcome year-round to meet informally with our staff, to review property characteristics and to discuss valuation issues.


When you receive your Disclosure Notice in July/August, and you have questions as they pertain to value, please call our office at 801-845-4000, or email appraiser, Mitch Ferry -

We would be happy to explain how we arrived at the current market value on your property.  If you have any information, i.e. current appraisal and/or purchase price of the property, we would be happy to review it.  It may be that an adjustment is warranted.

If we feel that our value is correctly reflective of the market, and you want to pursue an appeal at the County Board of Equalization, we would be happy to help you through that process.


801-829-6811 48 West Young Street Mailing Address P.O. Box 886 Morgan, Utah 84050

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